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Finally, I’m going to show/explain how I organize myself using 3 different notebooks and some loose papers! (I’m sorry it took so long!)

I’m just going to give you a quick overview but if you are interested in detailed information about the things mentioned leave me a message and I’m going to make a special post for it :)

So lets start :)

The notebooks:

I use 3 different kinds of notebooks (black, pink and green one).

  • the black one works as an agenda (pic 2) where I color code my appointments seperating between university and personal life.I also write down when I want to go run, visit my parents or if anything special is happening that day (small annotations). I use the right side of the page as a mini to do list,too.

  • the pink one works as a bullet journal (pic 1) where I write daily to do lists. I also write down my finances, my monthly goals, a habit tracker and what I want to buy or read.

  • the green one works as my study journal (pic 5). basically I just sit down at the start of the week and write down every little thing I need to get done for university the upcoming week. I check off what i get done and after the week is over I highlight the things I didn’t get done and write them on the list for next week!

Why do I do this?

First of all it helps me to keep track of what I need to get done and what I actually do. I find myself forgetting small assignments way too often and by writing it down and checking off what I actually managed to get done I feel way more productive. I usually write my daily to do lists in the morning while drinking some coffee and it gives me more time during the day to work on those instead of having to think about all the things that still need to be done :)

All the other stuff I use:

Next to my notebooks I also use a semester planner, a monthly study guide and a weekly study guide to stay on track. (pic 4,6,7)

  • semester planner (pic 4/7, top): basically that’s just my class schedule, all the exam dates and the dates for my lab courses so that I don’t forget those and keep them in my mind.

  • monthly study guide (pic 4/7, bottom): I use this as my monthly calendar and I fill in what classes I want to work on that day. This is especially helpful with (multiple) upcoming exams to keep track of what you want to work on

  • weekly study guide (pic 6): At the start of the week I sit down with my study journal and plan out what I can get done and when. This is really helpful to have realistic goals and that way you don’t have to worry about what you have to get done when sitting down to study.

That’s basically it :)

To some of you this might seem unnecessary or overly planned out but I just like to have things planned out.

Of course this does not work out for everybody and I don’t follow it 100% because life happens and sometimes things get in the way but i try to and it helps me to be more productive!

If you want to know some more about single parts (like just my bullet journal,etc) just leave me a quick message and I will try to make a seperate post for it!

If you find some grammatical errors/ spelling errors leave me a message okay? I only slept for 2 hours last night and english is not my native language so I might have done some mistakes :)

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